Activities in the Aran Valley

Val d’Aran is the perfect setting for all those activities that take place in nature. There are a variety of sports, recreational, educational, cultural and even relaxing activities for all ages and tastes.

  • Escalation
  • Hidro-speed
  • Canoe boat
  • Archery
  • Animal and vegetation recreational park
  • Cultural routes
  • Gastronomic visits
  • Mountain Bike

We offer discounts for activities in Val d’Aran for Bedura Park guests! Adventure sports, zip-line climbing, mountain biking…

From the Val d’Aran there is access to the northern part of the Aigües Tortes and Estay de Sant MauriciNational Parks, which have direct access to the ColomersLakes, Restanca, Montardo (2,911m), Estany de Mar, Rius, Saboredo, Macizo de Besiberri (3,011m), Pico de Mulleres (3,013m), Minas de Liat and others.