Mini club

The majority of activities in offer are for the little ones,


We encourage
the imagination

Aiming to encourage nature experiences (forests, vegetation, rivers, fauna), play, amusement and development of arts & creative abilities (balance, dance, acting, circus, magic, photography, painting and drawing).

*Subject to formation of available activity assistants. 
**Parents are invited to take part on the mountain and river routes.



The mini club centre is located in a timber bungalow, with an adjacent lawn area. It includes a TV space in the attic of the restaurant and a shed named “LA CARPA” for activities and workshops with table-tennis for young gathering in the evening.


Contact info

Crtra. N-230 km.174.5
25551 Era Bordeta LLEIDA

Tel: 973 64 82 93 / 973 64 70 38
Mov: 609 44 04 20

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